EVE Online: Equinox launches today with a rejuvenated nullsec

Also EVE Vanguard gets a Solstice event


EVE Online’s big summer expansion, Equinox, is here to “rejuvenate nullsec” and give players some new ships to enjoy. To celebrate, CCP is granting all players seven free days of Omega time in the store and seven days of additional daily login rewards.

EVE Online: Equinox revamps null security space with new Upwell structures and the sovereignty hub model, adds new Upwell industrial ships, breaks out better ship SKIN customizations, improves carriers, gives planets a glow up, and introduces better AIR dailies.

And over in its sister game EVE Vanguard, the “biggest update since launch” arrived with a new Solstice event that’s scheduled to run from June 20th through July 1st.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of this expansion, here are the full patch notes to analyze.

Source: EVE Online
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