New World’s gold dupe exploit stopgap fix revealed… another gold dupe

It's duping all the way down fam


File this one under “this is why we can’t have nice things”: The situation in Amazon’s New World went from bad to worse while you were sleeping.

Last night, Amazon announced it was “temporarily disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players” as a stopgap measure to stop an ongoing gold dupe involving taking advantage of lag and connection issues. That meant players couldn’t send currency, trade with other players, or pull money from their treasuries.

But that fix has apparently only exacerbated the problem. As the heavily upvoted Reddit thread explains, town upgrading is still enabled, and players are now unintentionally duping gold using the same failed debit/reconnection method, just through said upgrades.

“So, apparently if you try to start a town upgrade say kitchen for example your gold is not taken away from you and the upgrade doesn’t start, but if you reconnect you get the cost of the upgrade added to your company wallet. I am at loss of words.”

Amazon hasn’t so much as whispered the word rollback, but it did say that exploiters will be punished and asked players not to take advantage of the new bug. “We’ve identified an exploit and will be banning individuals who were using it,” a rep said early this morning. “We will have trades off for tonight while we work through and test a fix for the problem. A patch for this issue will be released as soon as possible. We will have another update in the morning Pacific time.” (So expect that in a few hours from when this article goes live.)

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