Gamigo reopens transfer window for RIFT players on closed servers


Remember back in spring when Gamigo announced it would be merging down the RIFT servers into four remaining shards? There followed a period in which players were prompted to move from the closing servers to the new ones. But what happens to players who didn’t do that? Are they lost to the void forever, like my husband’s antique LOTRO characters, not that we’re bitter or anything?

Gamigo has an answer today: It’s basically reopening the old servers for transfers only, so while you can’t actually hop onto the retired servers, you can at least go through the transfer process and rescue those toons.

“Starting today, the shards previously closed will become available to transfer characters to active shards until December 10, 2024,” the studio says. “The NA Shards Seastone, Faeblight and Hailol are becoming available, but you will not be able to play on them, only transferring will be available during this transfer period. The available destination shards are Deepwood, Wolfsbane, Greybriar and Laethys.”

Just note, the transfer window lasts only through December 10th. You may as well do it; future you might thank you.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Clowd!
As MOP reader Zendadist notes, since characters on the closed server can’t actually log into it, they won’t be able to clear their mail to actually transfer; if they have any mail (for example, mail from a guild that recently left the server), they’ll have to wait a month for it to delete. Moreover, it does appear the servers are up in spite of Gamigo’s indications, as characters on live servers are able to go to the dead servers to play, but characters on dead servers can’t log in to leave.
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