RIFT extends its server transfer period before next month’s merges

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The countdown clock is ticking toward next month’s RIFT server merges in which a trio of worlds will be folded into other realms. While the deadline for free transfers with no character limits was supposed to end today, Gamigo announced on Discord that it was extending this until next week to allow players even more time to get settled.

“We wish to inform you that the transfer period preceding the NA Shard merge has been extended until April 1st, 2024,” the company said. “This extension is in response to a significant number of requests from fellow Ascended players who require additional time to transfer to their preferred shard.”

These merges are just one part of a parcel of increased activity this year over what was thought to be a dormant MMORPG. Recently, Gamigo hosted a Mech Parade and a Rift Hunter event.

Source: Discord, RIFT
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