Blizzard’s Diablo IV gets a visual glow-up this week


While nobody’s ever described Diablo IV as a “beautiful” game, it’s certainly visually striking in some regards. Yet Blizzard isn’t content with the graphical status quo of its flagship ARPG and so is preparing to unleash a patch full of improvements for the eye.

When Patch 1.3.5 arrives on March 26th, players will witness several new graphical features (in addition to the gameplay features already elaborated on). These include ray tracing for shadows and reflections, improved ambient occlusion, and contact shadows. If you’re a bit fuzzy on what all that means, the studio put out a post that helps to illustrate why Diablo IV is about to look better than before.

“On March 26, wanderers can conqueror the horrors of Hell with a suite of new graphical enhancements available to them with Patch 1.3.5,” Blizzard said. “Arriving alongside our next content update, Sanctuary will be further imbued with the luscious shadows and enhanced reflections of ray tracing, plus other visual enhancements.”

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