Mount & Blade II’s Bannerlord Online MMO mod posts 2024 roadmap with castle sieges and clan revamps


Bannerlord Online is a prime example of how a community can take a good thing — in this case, the medieval battle sim Mount & Blade II — and make it even better through ingenious modding. The community-developed MMO allows for truly massive battles between hundreds of players at a time, and it’s been growing in reputation over the past year.

The MMO mod has also been growing in its featureset, as the devs planned an ambitious roadmap for the remainder of 2024. This includes a revamp of the clan wars this summer and castles (along with sieges) for winter:

So how “multiplayer” does Bannerlord Online get? To answer that, check out this recent video that documents an epic 500-player battle:

Source: Bannerlord Online. Thanks Milan!
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