What to expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s returning Yo-Kai Watch crossover event tomorrow

not again

Here’s the good news for players who already did everything possible in the Yo-Kai Watch crossover with Final Fantasy XIV: The new framer’s kit added with this rerun requires all 17 minions, which means that you will already be able to get it. The bad news is that you already have all the minions. There are not new minions or new weapons to earn even if you have moved over to being very into playing Sage or Reaper.

For players who have not unlocked everything, of course, you can still get 17 different minions and weapons, and the FATEs you need to clear are available in ever zone of Heavensward and Stormblood, meaning that players on the free trial are just as able to take part in this particular event once it starts up on April 24th. It’ll even run until the launch of Dawntrail, so you have plenty of time to get yourself some minions, weapons, and even mounts along the way.

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