Nightingale’s 0.2 update goes live this afternoon with new weapons and crafting QOL


It’s patch day for Nightingale: Tencent-owned Inflexion’s early access multiplayer survivalbox is rolling into Update 0.2 at noon EDT today following maintenance.

While full patch notes won’t be live until go-time, Inflexion did drop a Discord post outlining what to expect in case folks haven’t been paying attention to the dev missives up to now. Players can look forward to queued crafting, crafting from storage, commands for NPC recruits, a trio of new weapons, weapon and tool tweaks, universal dodge, two new Bound types, performance upgrades, new NPCs, new and updated quests, tweaks to item attributes and item attribute application, and the ability to buy Essence Trader items directly through the guidebook after you discover them.

If you want all that in video form with pretty visuals, there’s a new video on offer; it goes into a bit more detail on the Bombadier, Darkweaver, the sickle, the knife, grenades, throwing knives, and that dodge upgrade. There’s also an umbrella upgrade, tweaks to swimming and climbing, and the new blunderbus – plenty to look forward to.

Source: Discord, YouTube
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