World of Warcraft previews the Dark Heart update arriving on May 7

Oh... that's disappointing.

Hasn’t World of Warcraft promised the final chapter in Dragonflight a couple of times now? Well hold on to your hats because the very absolutely definitely finalest possible chapter (we mean it) arrives on May 7th with the Dark Heart update. It couldn’t be more final. It gives access to all of the expansion to all max-level characters regardless of their Renown status, opens up Troll and Draenei heritage armor quest lines, and also sets the stage for The War Within expansion. It cannot be more final! This is as final as it gets!

Meanwhile, the Mists of Pandaria remix goes live just over a week later on May 16th, letting players level from 1 to 70 through Pandaria exclusively along with various new transmog unlocks and solo boosts. So if you want more alts to be ready for the next chapter after the aforementioned very definitively final chapter, well, your hour will soon arrive! (Or if you just like panda-based leveling experiences, that’s valid.)

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