Warcraft Rumble gets heated with next week’s Season 3 patch


Blizzard’s mobile Warcraft spin-off is warming up to 2024 — quite literally.

The studio announced that the third season for Warcraft Rumble is set to arrive next week on January 21st with a new fire-themed leader, Emperor Thaurissan of the Dark Iron Clan. The character sounds formidable for the offense-minded player: “His mastery over fire and earth makes him a deadly combatant both at range and up close, with his Lava Spike attack able to burn distant foes and deal physical damage those foolish enough to close the distance.”

Warcraft Rumble is also patching in a Judgement tower skin, PvP improvements, and a raft of balance tweaks. Following that on January 23rd are PvP map rotations and modifiers. Get the full rundown of the patch in the overview video below:

Source: Blizzard
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