Ship of Heroes recaps 2023 development, marking ‘dramatic progress’ toward its 2024 launch


Heroic Games had a bang-up 2023 in developing Kickstarter superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes if reading its year in review dev blog is anything to go by, as the studio talks up its forward momentum in the last 12 months that’s propelling it towards a full release sometime this year.

The post talks up how the studio’s engineers have gotten FPS values in-game to their highest levels ever, celebrates a high number of Steam wishlistings as a result of its Next Fest demo, points out improvements to its character creator, and remarks about a more advanced backend architecture to handle the demo.

Naturally that’s not to suggest that there isn’t work to be done, as Heroic Games promises to continue to upgrade its servers and remarks that every combat animation in the game is being improved. “We’re making dramatic progress towards launching SoH in 2024,” the post notes. “Of course, we’ve wanted to launch SoH in several previous years, but we are now far closer to this goal than ever before. For us the launch of the game is a new beginning, not an end.”

Of course, the post doesn’t touch the past week’s City of Heroes revelation and how the game’s closure was the catalyst for SOH to even begin development. It also still isn’t talking about game costs or the alleged hacking last year. Even so, it continues to be full steam ahead for this one.

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