Ship of Heroes’ digital storefront leaks the MMORPG’s box price and subscription fee


Update 10/17/23: Ship of Heroes’ Casey McGeever has clarified that the publicly accessible pricing page – which has since been removed from the game’s website but is still available on the Internet Archive with several snapshots from the last few years – does not represent the game’s final pricing scheme and indeed that the pricing plan is not currently under discussion. He suggested to us that the game’s website had suffered from a “recent hack,” about which we’ve requested more information. McGeever also clarified that the game’s current launch window was moved from 2023 to 2024, which frankly is a relief. Our original article follows.

It looks as if Ship of Heroes is taking some of its first steps towards going on wider sale, as the MMO’s official site has what looks to be a temporary store page online that features a box price for the game, confirms its subscription fee, and suggests the creation of several multi-month sub bundles.

At base, SOH will have a box price of $50 and a monthly subscription fee of $15, though the store page does have a 25% “early bird” discount shown. Other bundles offer three, six, 12, and 24 months of subscription time in their prices, with the 24-month bundle offering what looks like a permanent discount to its $264 price down to $198. Each store offering lauds the business model as one that grants ” no ‘freemium,’ no premium content or gear, no add on, no special pack, no loot boxes, no [pay] to win.”

While the storefront in question isn’t directly available without navigating directly to its associated URL (as opposed to a big shiny “buy” button), it does line up with Heroic Games’ aspirations to launch the title this year [Update: It’s apparently been bumped to 2024.] The MMO had a Steam Next Fest demo on offer this past week, which we took a look at in our own livestream.

source: official site, thanks to Lunar for the tip!
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