Ship of Heroes’ latest dev blog talks up its attempts to make combat smoother and more enjoyable


If you peeked in on Ship of Heroes’ Steam Next Fest demo as we did, you probably noticed that combat was… well, bad, let’s not mince words here. Addressing combat and making it smoother and more fun has been the focus of Heroic Games, with changes to the MMORPG’s camera, its targeting, and now its combat mechanics overall.

Most of these adjustments are intended to improve situational awareness and grant player characters the upper hand: Targeting distances have been increased, the camera updates will help better deal with enemies attacking from behind, and every level 1 character will get two quick-firing powers right from the start in addition to the third pistol ability that everyone gets access to.

The increases to character power don’t stop there, as primary powers have gotten buffs to all of their effects across the board while secondary power stats remain unchanged, all in the service of creating a bigger difference in effectiveness. Finally, NPCs that level up characters and provide augments will wave their arms at players in order to better draw attention to these important features.

Heroic Games is promising to bring these updates and additional content in its next public test, which still has no release timing beyond some time in “the immediate future.” For now, there’s the blog post to read and a very brief video demonstration below.

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