Ship of Heroes’ free demo is live on Steam through next Monday


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an upcoming superhero MMORPG that’s opening its doors for a limited time only! OK, that slogan needs some work, but while we ponder on that, you can go check out Ship of Heroes’ demo during the Steam Next Fest – right now, for free.

The demo, which is available to anyone from now through October 16th, includes an “expanded and streamlined” character creator and five archetypes. Players will get plenty of in-game currency at the start so that they can fiddle around with different augments and other purchases. The studio also provided a rather comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about playing Ship of Heroes.

Heroic Games said that players can experience the first part of the title: “The demo includes the character creator and the first Sword Blossom arc, which focuses on the Engineering department aboard the FHS Justice and their quiet struggle against the Promethean menace and the evil Dr. Cornish. The arc contains seven missions, culminating in an intense battle to protect the FHS Justice and its inhabitants from assimilation.”

This all comes hot on the heels of Ship of Heroes porting its servers over to AWS “to facilitate scaling up.”

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