Ship of Heroes buffs up its travel powers in the service of this weird thing called ‘fun’

Dive! DIVE!

On this week’s MOP Podcast, Justin and I derailed into talking about superhero powers and travel powers, so it’s perfect timing that Heroic Games’ City of Heroes-inspired superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes has dropped a travel powers blog and video. And unlike classic CoH, Ship is planning to give out travel powers right away instead of making you march around on your feet first.

“In Ship of Heroes, you can fly right from the start,” the studio vows. “Flying is tons of fun, yet very few modern MMORPGs have it. Better yet, flight is only one of three fast-travel powers in Ship of Heroes. Travel powers are not generally a topic that MMOs like to talk much about. They don’t change your DPS, and they very rarely explode. However, we feel that travel powers are a huge help and a lot of fun, so we’ve made some significant upgrades to both superspeed and flight.”

Heroic also says that it’s revamped the FX for superspeed to offer multiple particle effect trails, tweaked flight animations for smoothness, and shifted away from powers that root players to the ground in an effort to “let players run-and-gun, since that seems to be more fun.” Indeed.

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