City of Titans devs say there are ‘many, many reasons for optimism’ in 2022


While we still don’t have a playable version of City of Titans nine years after its Kickstarter campaign, the team at Missing Worlds Media says that the project is closer than ever to fruition. In a new post, MWM President Nathaniel Downes recapped all of the progress that the superhero MMO made in 2021, from flight to city expansion to an early glimpse at combat.

“We hope you agree that a lot was accomplished in 2021,” Downes said. “We understand and empathize with the wait for building this game, as it’s been a long process for us too. But those of us who have been here since the beginning are still here to tell you, we are excited about the game, we aren’t going anywhere, and we can’t wait to bring this world to life with you!”

Downes saved any news about what’s coming for City of Titans in 2022 for a future post, saying only that there are “many, many reasons for optimism” with the new year. As we covered before the holidays, the team has also released a teaser for its combat system and a promise that travel powers are on the way.

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