City of Titans shows off a ‘critical first step’ of its superheroic combat


Crowdfunded superhero MMO City of Titans has talked about a whole lot this year — its city, its travel powers, and even its music. What it hasn’t done yet is demonstrate whether or not the upcoming game can deliver where it matters most: its combat.

Fortunately, Missing Worlds Media wasn’t content to let the clock run out on 2021 without at least showing a little something in this area. In a one-minute video and associated blog post, the studio demonstrated a “critical first step” for the MMO’s combat system.

“We’ll be showing you more full powersets as things move forward but there is a lot more work to be done,” MWM said. “Now that we have a system that works and will respond to commands, we can start adding all the other elements that will make combat feel unique to City of Titans.”

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