City of Titans shares its work in Unreal Engine 5, promises to open up access to a larger map soon


It’s time yet again for us to circle back around to City of Titans and see where this developing MMORPG is headed, and it appears that some major moves have been made over the course of the past few months, not least of which is Missing Worlds Media switching to Unreal Engine 5 this past October.

Readers might remember that in 2021 the team was extolling the virtues of Unreal Engine 4, but this latest engine shift was done because it solved several logistical issues that UE4 was having. The devs admit that the switch created another delay, but overall they list the conversion as a net benefit to the game as a whole, as it offers better performance, a more open world, and easier creation of events and missions.

The game also made another big step this spring with the addition of enemy spawns in the MMO’s newest little test island. This build also featured some basic combat moves (which means there are no power archetypes FYI), flight travel, and the option to change the game’s weather system.

That brings us to the most recent blog post that confirmed MWM’s plan to open up access to a significantly larger city map “in the coming months” that features five massive districts to explore. A timeline for access to this large map wasn’t provided, but the post reads like there are still many months’ worth of work to do as part of “efficiency upgrades.” In the meantime, the current UE5 island with enemy combat and other testing features is now available for Mac users.

City of Titans was one of several MMOs that came to life following the death of City of Heroes in 2012; it was Kickstarted in 2013 – almost 10 years ago – and raised $678K from gamers to build a new superhero MMO. But it has lingered in various test phases ever since.

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