City of Titans releases Mac avatar builder, improved menu system


The big spring release has arrived for City of Titans, and while the metropolis’ boundaries remain closed to players, this patch represents another stride toward release.

The headlining news here is that the Mac version of the avatar builder is now available (as the team is developing a Mac client in addition to the PC one), but you’ll have to have dropped at least $50 on the project to see it.

Other changes to City of Titans includes improvements to the avatar builder, a very slick menu system, and adjustments to the lighting on the island.

The team also announced that it upgraded City of Titans’ engine: “We’ve upgraded the Avatar Builder and all of our working projects to version 4.26 of the Unreal Engine. This is the final major version of Unreal 4. This gives us a number of additional features which are useful in character and map design, and keeps us in sync with the current releases of various supporting resources. This upgrade went very quickly and smoothly, and should be the last engine change for the foreseeable future.”

Source: City of Titans. Thanks, Nathan!

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Upgrading from Unreal 4 and 5 should be quite feasible since the latter has been developed with this key concept in mind. I really hope they will upgrade the engine as soon as possible.

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I can’t wait to play this game.