City of Titans’ latest internal interview is full of costume designs, a blimp, and spooky ambient music


I’m going to be honest, this latest internal interview piece from City of Titans is kind of all over the place. That’s probably appropriate, however, as the subject of the interview, lead 3-D artist Don “MrArtstrong” Armstrong, has his fingers in a whole lot of different creations for the project.

Armstrong talks about the variety of things he’s been modeling for the MMO, including a variety of game props, a huge number of costume pieces, a futuristic blimp, and more recently a new building that has “a high tech design with lots of influence coming from a lot of favorite sci and superhero movies/shows.” Basically, if you’re wearing a costume piece, you’re probably sampling his work. Speaking of sampling dev work, the post has gotten into the seasonal spirit with a bit of ambient music, featuring a visualization created by Armstrong. That can be seen and listened to after the cut.

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