Valiance Online says it’s building ‘a solid foundation’ but hasn’t showed any progress this year so far


While the City of Heroes rogue servers continue to roll and spiritual successors such as City of Titans and Ship of Heroes are vocal about their progression through development and testing, there is one superhero MMO that’s been conspicuously silent for a while now: Valiance Online.

So what’s going on with this title? The website and Twitter account are practically dead, but the official Discord does show some signs of life. When asked about the state of the project back in May, one of the team members said, “We’re doing a lot of back end work right now, working on putting together some updates for anyone who wants to see it as we used to.”

More recently on the forums, a dev gave a small report on the state of the game: “After achieving our first investor milestone, we really had to ground everything and get our plan together to truly utilize that money properly and it took a while to lay out an absolute process. We needed a competent workflow to help us to efficiently utilize that income. We’ve worked really hard using your investment to build a solid foundation, creating many tools to help our contractors and core members to more easily, efficiently, and effectively create content for the game.”

The developer went on to say that the team would be “sharing a ton of progress of our new world and character art” in the investor-only area of the forum, with a portion of that reveal being made to the public at large.

“[I] want our investors to know that we’ve been really working hard here and I believe that you’ll all be proud of what we’ve accomplished,” the dev said.

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