Chimeraland will add dinosaurs August 18, opens recruitment for unpaid player moderators


Chimeraland already has a lot going on as our current Choose My Adventure series shows, but what it doesn’t have right now is dinosaurs. Luckily for your dino-snuggling heart, that’s going to change in the Attack of the Tyrant update scheduled for Thursday, August 18th.

Information about this update is a bit sparse but we do know that dinosaurs will be a thing, along with evolved pets, “active content regarding dinosaurs,” and additional rewards for players to rake in. As for the survivalbox’s latest update, that’s mostly about adding new shop items including, among other things, a Silly Puppy Cabinet and a Short-legged Doggy Couch.

In other Chimeraland news, the game’s devs have begun recruiting player moderators to “provide adequate customer service & translation support, handling various managing & communication tasks in both directions, for both players & game developers.” This isn’t an actually paid position, we should point out: Those who sign up will instead be given monthly in-game rewards in lieu of a salary. If you really want to be unpaid customer service for an early access game, you have until Monday, August 15th, to apply.

sources: Twitter, Steam (1, 2)
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