Dauntless’ next patch will reduce trials randomness, add a new quest, and streamline rumor objectives


Tomorrow, August 11th, is bringing another patch to Dauntless that’s primarily all about refinement – specifically for the way trials content works and how rumor quest objectives are cleared – along with another new story quest for players to dive in to.

The larger part of the patch won’t actually become available until Thursday, August 18th. That’s when the trials will see reduced modifiers across the board in order to make the fights less about battling randomness and more about battling the Behemoths: Normal trials will soon have one modifier, and dauntless trials will have two. The notes also outline the trial monsters that will be coming in the next couple of runs of the content.

The other refinement portion is related to rumor quests, as Phoenix Labs is removing the automatic hand-in objectives except for those that require specific monster parts, while objectives that previously asked Slayers to hand in items have been adjusted to instead require an equivalent item.

Lastly, the game’s narrative continues in the patch as players are asked to head to the Undervald Defile to investigate strange goings-on and further explore why Behemoths are evolving. There’s also a few bug fixes that are outlined in the notes.

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