Perfect World’s Jade Dynasty World shares a new video as it prepares for an August 19 pre-alpha tech test


Last month we caught wind of Jade Dynasty World, an updated and open-world version of the classic Jade Dynasty that was sunsetted in 2018. The game once more comes to our notice thanks to a Reddit thread, which shared a new update video and timing for a pre-alpha tech test.

The test in question is scheduled for Friday, August 19th, and is reportedly accepting signups on its official site through the scanning of a QR code. Meanwhile, the game is showing off its Unreal Engine visual upgrade and setting its scene in a video shared by an MMORPG fan YouTube channel.

Jade Dynasty World’s western launch aspirations are still unknown as of yet, but we can all at least get a sneak peek in the video awaiting below the cut.

sources: official site and YouTube via Reddit
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