Perfect World revives the previously shuttered Jade Dynasty with development of Jade Dynasty World


Back in 2018, Perfect World sunsetted the MMORPG Jade Dynasty, noting in the announcement that the devs behind the game were moving on to “bigger and better things.” It would seem that those bigger and better things involve the creation of another game in the series known as Jade Dynasty World, an open-world version of what appears to be the same MMORPG built in Unreal Engine 4.

Work on the game has been progressing for some time by all accounts, including a video preview in July 2021, a variety of looks at the game’s vistas, graphics, and flappy hair, and highlights from a preview event at ChinaJoy 2021. Reddit has been sharing a number of previews from the game over the past few days as well, providing more location shots and teaser images of classes.

It’s hard to tell whether Jade Dynasty World will make its way westard, but the IP of the title has been re-released before, most notably as a mobile title in 2018 from Russian developer 101XP, which is still apparently a thing.

sources: official site, Reddit (1, 2)
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