PWE’s Jade Dynasty has been resurrected as a mobile MMO


June was a rough month for Perfect World, as it sunsetted two of its oldest MMORPGs, Swordsman and Jade Dynasty. But it appears Jade Dynasty has another life to live under the 101XP – on mobile.

The Russian publisher announced today the release of Jade Dynasty Mobile to both iOS and Android, and it does appear to have the bulk of the original MMORPG’s stylings and mechanics, including mounts, flight, grouping and clans, cosmetics, character customization, “massive cross-server PvP battles,” the original quartet of schools.

Source: Press release, Appstore, Google Play, official site
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I saw this online and snagged it quick late at night just before I went to sleep. I had mistaken it in my mind for “Jade Empire” though – I thought someone had snuck out a Jade Empire MMORPG :D

I quickly realized that wasn’t what it was. I guess it’s been so long since I looked at Jade Dynasty that I don’t remember the game. I played a lot of this stuff at quite a young age and some I moved on from pretty quick if it didn’t jell for me. I know I played this on PC but other than the name I don’t really remember it much so it must have been one of those titles.

I’m not going to sink another $1,000 or even a measly $500 into a Pay to Win MMORPG in order to be viable in PvP, which is what a great many of these mobile titles end up like. I realize how messed up it is that after you play enough of the P2W titles, $500 becomes a measly amount.

To be fair I don’t know if that’s what this one becomes or not. I see PvP opens at 30, I don’t know if it’s forced upon you at that point or what. I haven’t played enough to see if it’s P2W yet either. I dabbled, spent $1 (if you spend $1 you get way more than $1 worth of stuff, as usual in these games for your “first purchase” reward etc), but didn’t spend enough time to see what it turns into yet. I’ll probably spend a little more time to see, but so far it hasn’t been a game that really pulled me in right off to keep me playing much.


The PC version has a built-in bot so it can grind you mobs while you’re at school/work/sleeping, etc. This being a mobile game I expect it has such a feature too. I recently played a similar game on my phone, tried to read quests, get immersed and all, but there is no immersion, after level 20 (which you reach in less than 30 minutes) you have to do important daily quests that involve grinding different groups of mobs by killing 20 of each. The game plays itself at this point and your only interaction is to use the skill/whatever system to make your character stronger. It was an utterly complicated (yet very stupid) advancement system for a very simplistic games that had about 7 zones total that you can be in throughtout your leveling.

I played this one on an emulator today as it wouldn’t download the patch files on my phone. After some 10 minutes of doing nothing but walking around and talking to NPCs, I deleted it.

Those games aren’t worth talking about, at all.

The only decent/good mobile MMOs are:

Villagers and Hereoes (also has PC and Steam versions, really feels like the F2P WoW clone that never existed before)
AdventureQuest 3D (also available on Steam)
Celtic Heroes
Order and Chaos 1
Order and Chaos 2

steel hunt

I thought PWE is a chinese publisher