Elder Scrolls Online reboots the Imperial City Celebration event in September

We keep it real.
Already done with the Wolfhunter dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online? Looking for something to do? ZeniMax is obliging come September 6th, when the studio boots up the Imperial City Celebration Event in time for the third anniversary of the DLC.

“The Imperial City might be overrun with Daedra and warriors of the opposing Alliances, but it’s also filled with the untold riches of a fallen empire,” says ZeniMax, “and those bold enough to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy in the city’s besieged districts and sewers will find that the risks more than match the rewards.” What kind of rewards? Double drops for Tel Var Stones, Key Fragments, scamp sacks, bosses, and related minipet and skin drop chances too.

“You can earn the above rewards by taking part in any of the Imperial City activities. This includes battling the Daedra within the Imperial Sewers, capturing districts in the streets above, and delving into any of the DLC’s two dungeons: Imperial City Sewers and White-Gold Tower.”

There’s one catch, though: You actually have to own the Imperial City DLC or be subbed to access it. It’ll be on sale for half off during the event.

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