PAX West 2018: Diablo III shows that it can be Nintendo Hard

Alive again!

With Diablo III coming to the Nintendo Switch and “multiple projects” for the franchise currently in development at Blizzard, this game might be making a turnaround from exile to excitement. Helping to aid in this journey is the news that Diablo III is heading to PAX West this week.

Of course, it’s mostly because of the Switch thing, and it is this that Blizzard is going to be showing off at Booth #1939. The studio said that it’ll make co-op and a never-before-level available to play on Nintendo’s console.

Also, there is this: “If you’ve ever wished that Diablo’s Treasure Goblins existed in real life, we have good news! We’re bringing a Treasure Goblin to PAX West and setting him loose near the convention center.”

Source: Diablo III

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Arsin Halfmoon

Wait, theyre actually going to make it nintendo hard? Or are you using that as a pun?


Likely as a pun. Not even Nintendo games are Nintendo hard nowadays (moreso with Nintendo selling cheats, I mean, amiibo with in-game benefits). Heck, the end fight in the newest Zelda against the maximum powered boss (i.e., without doing any of the various quests that remove part of its power) and with just 1/6 of the possible total hearts was still easier than that of just about every previous Zelda game.