EVE Online banned over 70K RMT and botting accounts over the course of 2021


CCP Games’ battle with RMT and bot accounts in EVE Online is likely never going to end, but the devs that are part of the game’s security team are still eager to report on their progress in the fight, noting in their latest missive that over 70K RMT and botting accounts were deleted over the course of 2021.

The report points out that while that number is certainly a large one, it doesn’t include the “significant” number of accounts that were created automatically and proactively banned before they could even log in to the game to begin with. The post then goes into deep detail about hacked accounts, RMT accounts, and accounts banned for payment fraud, all with a series of related graphs and a breakdown of the numbers.

While the post is extremely granular, the message shared at the end of the post is very simple: “Never buy ISK or items from third parties, and don’t do business with those involved.”

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