Fortnite plans a Fallout-themed crossover for next weekend

These days it appears that Fortnite is conducting an experiment to see how many wildly disparate franchises and IPs it can shove into its...

PSA: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen grants weekend access to new players [Update: Code’s dead now]

Update: Looks like the fun is over - code is now nonfunctional. Hope some of y'all got in! :) The original post follows. Pantheon: Rise...
Strong eye contact.

CBU3 previews everything you can grab in the Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI crossover event

It's just over a week until Final Fantasy XIV players get a chance to find their flame with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover event,...

PUBG Mobile hands over the keys to Bentley Motors automobiles

Clearly, we all peel out of our mansions in the morning whilst driving this year's model from Bentley Motors. But just on the off...

Overwatch 2 previews a new legendary crossover skin mashing up D. Va and… Porsche

Sure, Overwatch 2 may not contain the extensive PvE content that was ostensibly the entire reason for the sequel... or a lot of the...

World of Tanks series unveils plans for Dune Part Two cross-promotion events and items

Wargaming and Legendary Pictures have come together, given each other a high-five (probably with stacks of money in their palms), and decided that the...

DC Universe Online is giving away sweet hairstyles for Black History Month

Valentine's Day and lunar new year events are flying in MMOs this week, but Daybreak's DC Universe Online studio, Dimensional Ink, has recognized yet...

Dungeons & Dragons Online makes tons of content free or nearly free for the franchise’s 50th birthday

Freeeeeee stuff! Come getcha free stuff! Free stuff in Dungeons and Dragons Online, that is, because Standing Stone Games has brought back its bonkers...
Call of Boredom.

Diablo’s Inaris and Lillith are among the guest characters being sold in Call of Duty Season 6

The current iterations of Call of Duty are apparently going to be absolutely awash in things when Season 6 arrives to Modern Warfare II...
boat stuff

PSA: PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab a free copy of Black Desert’s traveler edition starting today

Looking for a new MMORPG to play on your PlayStation console? Are you a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus service? Then you're being directly...

Riot Games collabs with Coca-Cola on Coke Ultimate flavor, the taste of League of Legends XP

You know, I came very close to sending a MOP staffer in California to the reveal of this promo, but since it has almost...

Korea Tourism Board uses Black Desert’s upcoming Land of the Morning Light as ad campaign theme

We all know that Black Desert is a Korean MMORPG. We also know that the Land of the Morning Light update is on its...

Lost Ark tackles quality-of-life improvements in today’s The Witcher collab patch

Those of you crying out for weird crossovers will be pleased to know that The Witcher franchise has invaded Lost Ark's western version today...

Riot Games and Lil Nas X release music video for the League of Legends Worlds 2022 anthem Star Walkin’

The "president of League" and superstar rapper Lil Nas X has delivered on one of the promised portions of his collaboration with League of...

Riot Games names Lil Nas X president of League of Legends in a new collaboration for Worlds 2022

What do the MOBA League of Legends and superstar rapper Lil Nas X have in common? On the surface, not much, but that's not...

Fortnite hosts in-game Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit, doubles down on Impostors Trials

This might be one of the weirder but more important online gaming promotions we've seen all year: Fortnite is collaborating with TIME Studios for...

Closers celebrates April Fools’ day with limited-time skins and high school-themed event dungeons

Somehow, I think the idea of April Fools' day was lost in translation between the publishers of Closers and the West. Or maybe the...

World of Warships brings Warhammer 40K ship bundles to the game

Sure, World of Warships is all about being true to history, but history doesn't have enough hyper-gothic futurist style to it. That problem is...

Elder Scrolls Online issues an apology over the Elsweyr adventure plagiarism debacle

It was just supposed to be a fun little promo item to help spark excitement for The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion, but the free Elsweyr...

Skyforge turns alien plants into assault gliders

Who said science can't be profitable? Skyforge is calling all players to descend from their godly pantheons to engage in a little botony for...