Closers celebrates April Fools’ day with limited-time skins and high school-themed event dungeons


Somehow, I think the idea of April Fools’ day was lost in translation between the publishers of Closers and the West. Or maybe the idea of April Fool’s is being shoehorned in as part of the game’s latest event. Perhaps it’s best not to ponder these things and just enjoy the event. Which is based on high school. And transformative skins.[AL:Clo]

The so-called April Fool event has a number of items going on, including some event dungeons based on three high school classes (phys ed, English, and physics) where players can earn New Han High School Certificates, which can then be used to create a wide variety of items. The event is also featuring new limited-time illust skins that will dramatically transform several members of the game’s roster like changing Cheolsu Kim into a woman or Mirae into a man. On top of that, there are goodies that are handed out for accumulating up to 15 hours of play time.

The event itself runs between now and April 21st, while the cumulative login goodies are available until April 5th. All of the specifics can be found on the website.

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