World of Warships brings Warhammer 40K ship bundles to the game


Sure, World of Warships is all about being true to history, but history doesn’t have enough hyper-gothic futurist style to it. That problem is now solved thanks to a collaboration between Wargaming and Games Workshop that brings several Warhammer 40,000-inspired items to the online vehicular combat title.

Both PC and console versions of the game will get to represent the Imperium or Chaos factions with the Tier VIII Ignis Purgatio and Tier VIII Ragnarok respectively, which also feature unique ship captains with their own distinct voiceovers. There’s also related flags, camoflauges, and other goodies in the bundles being sold for the collaboration.

PC players of World of Warships can get their space navy on now, while console players will see theirs later today. A look at these ships is below.

source: press release
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