Embers Adrift introduces new solo loops to ember veins and the ability to inspect players


Embers Adrift continues to fold in new things for solo players to do in the primarily group-centric MMORPG with its latest patch, which introduces ember vein solo loops for some of the game’s deeper delves.

A total of five solo loops can be found within five ember veins, each offering new sections, new names, and updated uncommon loot drops in some cases. These solo areas appear to cover the full range of the game’s level spread, with two located in the Meadowlands and one each in Dryfoot, Redshore Ridge, and Grimstone Canyon.

Another feature of the patch is the ability for players to inspect others and peep at their equipment, so at long last players can find out what that fancy hat someone else is wearing is called. Finally, the patch introduces improvements to bag dragging along with the ability to bind the action, new higher resolution sun shadows, an increase in the AFK kick timer, and a long list of bug fixes.

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