Embers Adrift’s latest dev stream discusses how the team is revamping item categorization


The weekly community livestreams from Embers Adrift are continuing to pour forth, and this week’s episode is talking about items, or specifically the new categorization features that are being implemented in the sandbox MMORPG.

CM Elloa brought on developer Adric to discuss the matter, who explains this categorization feature as a color-coded system to differentiate item quality that MMORPG vets are likely familiar with. The time was ripe for this feature’s introduction, according to Adric, because the game now has thousands of items and loot drops from regular monsters are more frequent, so players needed a way to gauge the quality and importance of an item.

Tiers of items will now be basic, advanced, superior, relic, mythic, legendary, and unique, but the devs are quick to point out that higher tier items aren’t always necessarily the most powerful; they trend in that direction but “unique” is mostly used to identify an item that has a distinct property or effect for example. The addition of categories also opens up the potential for new item variants that can be made from crafting, and the devs discuss the challenge of getting mythic items as an example.

The majority of the stream has the usual items like another QA patch notes reading, live gameplay, and chat with an influencer of the MMORPG, but the video below still has some meat on its bone for those who like getting loot.

source: YouTube
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