Fallen Earth Classic is definitely happening, soon, and it’ll be free-to-play to boot


Last week, we noted that Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott had teased the possibility of a Fallen Earth Classic. As of today, it’s more than a tease.

“I am happy to confirm that Fallen Earth Classic is going to be a real thing,” he says. “We are now at the very late stages of getting the servers back online, and as some of you on Discord have noticed, parts of the game are responding again. There will be an announcement soon on the day of launch, but before that goes out, I want to raise a couple discussion points here to set expectations properly.”

“I’m doing this in the spirit of fun and just getting the game back online. There were decisions that had to be made in order to pull this off. As we go through the rest of my bullets, just know that in each case I had to balance getting this back online in a reasonable amount of time versus the laundry list of things I’m sure players would have wanted. We did our best. My hope is that players will enjoy the challenge of re-conquering the wastelands from scratch while they wait for the next version of the game.”

Scott does note that Valve has yet to restore the game on Steam, but the team is still waiting on that, and the team is also very aware that the original game’s server structure is not ideal – meaning “this is an experiment.” However, it’s an experiment that won’t be monetized.

“For various reasons, I don’t want to monetize this version of the game,” Scott says. “It is truly free-to-play (refer back to #1 above). I’m going to look at turning on the highest level subscription rewards for everyone, but there wont be any ability to purchase anything from the online store.”

Either way, it’ll be welcome news for players who’ve missed the game since its untimely but temporary shutdown in 2019.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Rick and Bruno and Edward!
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