PSA: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now 40% off through May 15


So how are things going on the World of Warcraft team after the most recent set of financial results for Blizzard showed off that Dragonflight is, uh… not doing so hot? Well, there’s another sale on the expansion. Yes, a sale. A sale that take 40% off of the price. The expansion came out less than six months ago. So, you know, you tell us how things are going. This is probably fine. Everyone should be all right with the events that are unfolding at the moment.

The 40% sale is available across all of the different editions of the game, ranging from the base edition to the “epic edition” which comes with various extra cosmetic gumballs. (That means mounts and pets and cosmetic armor. Not literal gumballs.) It seems unlikely that if you were actually going to buy Dragonflight you were waiting for this sale, considering that there have already been multiple promotions for the expansion, but the first major patch is just around the corner on May 2nd, and the promotion ends on May 15th. So, you know… that’s something.

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