Star Wars: The Old Republic gives Shae Vizla away to subscribers and a Steam portrait ring to everyone

Mandalorians. Who doesn't love them? Certainly not designers; since they're half-defined by an iconic look, you can just put all sorts of people behind...
Phun phor the phamily.

The Daily Grind: What entices you to try out a new MMO you weren’t otherwise following?

Look, Phantasy Star Online 2 does not need to entice me to play it. The only thing it has to do is announce a launch...

Conan Exiles is free for everyone to play until May 18

So, other games are allowing people to explore their wastelands and seeking to entice others? By Crom's teeth, this will not stand! Conan Exiles...
Here in my car, I feel safest of all.

Epic Games Store (and Fortnite logins) get utterly fouled up by Grand Theft Auto V

Downloading Grand Theft Auto V for free - should you? The Epic Games Store said it'd be a thing to do. But Epic's servers got too many...
space game

Vendetta Online is completely free-to-play until June

In this time, people need things to play indoors. That's why Vendetta Online has decided to go free-to-play until June. No, not "free-to-play with...
Goodbye dignity.

Phantasy Star Online 2 alters the rewards of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks

If you'd somehow managed to miss this fact, Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently live in North America as an Xbox One exclusive. That...

Enter to win a copy of new space sandbox Avorion, courtesy of Boxelware and MOP!

Earlier today, we covered a new online sandbox called Avorion that's just launched on Steam this month - and it was a real launch,...

There’s a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean chair available now because why not

The world is so weird right now that the new MapleStory promotion almost feels like it's perfectly normal. You can buy a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean...
Behold. Nothing.

Chronicles of Elyria postpones its unsold land sales with a date still to be determined

As you may recall, Chronicles of Elyria touted that it was running a big event recently with its "Settlers of Elyria" event, which came...
Beta fish.

Grab an Astellia Online CBT2 key and play for a chance to win a shiny new Razer laptop

If you need a little extra incentive to take part in the second closed beta for Astellia, how does the offer of a new...
And the population is...

PSA: Outpost Zero is available for free until July 25

Have you been sorely tempted by Outpost Zero but want to take it for a test drive before buying it? Well, you're in particular...
You really do care.

Red Dead Online offers players a new care package for daily challenges

How's your supply of ammunition for hunting varmints in Red Dead Online? Not critters, but specifically varmints. Because you can get a nice round...

It’s the final week for Red Dead Online players to earn a care package by ranking up

If you'd like to get yourself a package stuffed with valuable... well, stuff in Red Dead Online, you should start getting to work on...

Final Fantasy XIV brings a culinary adventure to UK fans with Shoryu cross-promotion

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XIV in the UK, odds are that you can't just fly out to Japan to visit the...
so happy together, shudder gasp cough

Revelation Online asks to hear your dream wedding for a chance at a pricey in-game wedding

Ah, marriage! That most blessed of unions, a ceremony that brings you joy even if you're just holding it in Revelation Online, and far more...
Because we are no longer friends.

World of Warcraft is putting its Recruit-a-Friend program on hiatus

Farewell, Recruit-a-Friend program. You've helped us introduce a small number of friends to World of Warcraft and helped a large number of multiboxers boost up...

Elder Scrolls Online issues an apology over the Elsweyr adventure plagiarism debacle

It was just supposed to be a fun little promo item to help spark excitement for The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion, but the free Elsweyr...

Final Fantasy XIV is giving away Heavensward for free until June 27

If you've been dabbling in Final Fantasy XIV but have been vacillating on whether you want to shell out for the expansions just yet,...

The Crew 2 is open for a free test drive this weekend

Do you remember The Crew 2? Are you currently playing The Crew 2? Because Ubisoft would like you to do so, and to that end the...
It feels faintly telling, yes.

World of Warcraft offers discounted race changes, faction changes, and character transfers ahead of tomorrow’s patch

Tomorrow, World of Warcraft's newest allied races -- the Kul Tiran Humans and the Zandalari Trolls -- join the Battle for Azeroth, and after...