World of Warcraft is offering everyone bonus Trader’s Tender for purchasing Dragonflight

Trade? Buy? Sell?

Have you bought Dragonflight yet? The developers of World of Warcraft are really hoping that the answer is yes, and in the game’s continual efforts to incentivize precisely that, Blizzard is now offering players a bonus 500 Trader’s Tender for the Trading Post feature for everyone who has purchased the expansion. Yes, it’s retroactively awarded, so you don’t need to wait until February 1st to buy it if you want to get that sweet extra currency.

There’s nothing special you have to do; if you’ve registered the expansion, you’ll be able to loot double the normal monthly reward and get off to using the aforementioned Trading Post on the right foot. (Or hoof, depending on your race.) Efforts to stuff an entire pony in retail boxes have thus far proven unsuccessful, but hey, more cosmetic stuff for free. That’s fun, right?

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