ArcheAge adds June update, offers players free stuff for the summer

Please stay.

Are you playing ArcheAge right now? How about now? Wait, the developers know what will get your interest – free stuff. Everybody likes free stuff, right? If you like free stuff, you’ll be quite happy to learn that ArcheAge is giving everyone free stuff with free weekly gift packages in the Glyph store from now through July 19th. Just pop on in and pick up a free package full of stuff. What’s in the package? You’ll have to pick it up to find out, although it’ll contain currency along with unspecified other items.

But wait, there’s more free stuff! There’s also two free potion select boxes available daily, again until July 19th. There’s a 24-hour cooldown on accepting these boxes, but you still get them for free on a daily basis. So, hey, if you like free stuff and that’s all you’ve ever really wanted to entice you into playing more ArcheAge, consider yourself suitably enticed.

The promos come on the heels of the game’s June update, which revamped Rifts, added ancestral skills for the Gunslinger, tweaked farmhand equipment, and kicked off the Drenched Festival.

“The June Update has arrived! Experience a new challenge with the revamped Crimson and Grimghast Rifts, as well as renewed Instances, or become the strongest Gunslinger of them all with its new Ancestral Skills. Take part in the Drenched Festival, benefit from a discount in the Arena Shop, or search for Riches from the Depths.”

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