Neverwinter offers a Drow-related reward for players along with an interview for The Way of the Drow


Do you want some Drow? Neverwinter has plenty of Drow. The Way of the Drow is going to provide you with all the Drow you could ever ask for, buckets of Drow. To celebrate, the game is even going to give you Drow, if you’d like. The game is offering a free set of account-wide unlocks based on the event, so players can log in through December 1st to get their choice of a free item from playable Drow, Drizzt’s hair, Catti-brie’s hair, or an Epic Insignia Choice Pack.

There’s also a Drizzt companion available, but he’s not account-wide.

Of course, if you’re talking about Drow (and it should be very clear that we are) you kind of have to talk about R. A. Salvatore, the author who helped write about and bulk up Drow lore to the point that you’re thinking about Drow. And there’s a whole interview with him and Geno Salvatore along with narrative director Winter Mullenix and design director Randy Mosiondz about how the Way of the Drow event came to be, so you can check that out just below.

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