Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s latest dev podcast elaborates on ‘the Pantheon Difference’

Sexy, kinda.

With the number of MMOs that are milling about nowadays, you have to make your game stand out if you’re entering the space, and while Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has discussed this topic before, but the latest Parting the Veil podcast circles back around to the topic and elaborates on it once more.

Most of the discussion breaks down the items outlined in a wiki page, going through each section line by line to both contextualize and update things as needed. One of the major notes is related to the progeny system, which lets heirs of a character continue on adventuring that was first brought up back in 2016. According to creative director Chris “Joppa” Perkins, that’s likely going to be a post-launch feature, and that the devs are exploring it as a means to unlock special race and class combinations.

The podcast additionally pulled some player questions about PvP combat design and its planned mentoring system, and also discussed refreshing what makes it stand out. If you’ve got an hour to burn and are a fan of what Pantheon is seeking to bring, the full video awaits below.

source: YouTube
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