Final Fantasy XIV reveals patch 5.55’s new items and goes on sale

La la la.

Patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV has been out for just about a week now, and that means players have had a chance to get a sense of what’s in the patch by this point. (Relic weapons, for one thing.) Still, just in case you had been waiting on it, the official site has updated the patch notes with all of the new recipes and items available to players in this particular patch, ensuring that everyone who had been waiting on just such a reveal can now peruse the list in its entirety.

Of course, if you’d not playing right now that is kind of useless for you… but it could be useful for you if, say, you wanted to buy in to the game at a discount with the sale running until June 9th. The game’s complete edition and the newest expansion are both available for 60% off through that date, so you can either get in on a discount or get someone else in on the cheap.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Man, I’ve picked up a few games lately and I’ve been thinking about getting back into this but like…damn man, I don’t have the bloody time to keep up with FFXIV alone, much less the other games I want to play!

Damn if it ain’t tempting as hell though, I do want to return to the game even if I’ll have completely forgotten where I left off and how to bloody play my WHM/AST mains -_-