Crowfall cuts together a highlight reel for its recent Eternal Champions esports event


Who has time to watch an esporting event from start to finish? Some of us work during the weekends. Some of us have other things to do. And there are those who would just rather have the whole affair summarized for the sake of convenience. Whatever your reason, Crowfall has made it easier for fans to get the gist of the recent Eternal Champions 2021 event thanks to this highlight reel.

The reel in question doesn’t necessarily put things together into any sort of chronological order, so it doesn’t explain how the rounds of competition shook down or that YggBrasil won it all; you’ll have to check the series’ brackets website for those details as well as VoDs of each leg of the tournament. What it does have is a lot of shots of frantic PvPing and shoutcasters talking about hungry sharks and how it’s all for the money. If you really want a minute’s worth of PvP sizzle reel, you can check out the video below.


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