Star Trek Online preps its 13-year anniversary bundle while celebrating the newly canonized Enterprise-F

Latinum, too.

The 13th anniversary of Star Trek Online has arrived, and that also means that players have a new anniversary bundle available. Considering the storyline of the past year, we suspect it’s no great shock that it’s all about the mirror universe, with the bundle offering four new alternate-universe ships, account unlocks for new looks from the mirror universe, a coupon for a free T6 ships, and assorted extra baubles and gewgaws. And it had better have those extra baubles and gewgaws, since it’s for sale at 17,500 Zen (discounted to 13,125 Zen until March 2nd, which is still quite pricey).

Look, humans in the future don’t use money, but these humans currently do, so get out your credit card.

But there’s something to celebrate aside from the anniversary, and that’s the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F. A staple of the game for several years now, the Enterprise-F is a part of season three of Picard… and rather than being a wholly new design, the Enterprise-F uses the STO design, meaning that it is now absolutely canon. Check out a whole video about the ship’s history and design from fan channel Ex Astris just below.

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