Old School RuneScape adds the ‘game changing’ option to resize spell icons

This may just be bad.

It’s not just the Grinch that saw his heart grow three sizes bigger one day — Old School RuneScape is giving players with poor eyesight some relief by allowing them to beef up the size of their spell icons.

“Have you ever filtered your spellbook and been left frustrated with the sheer amount of dead space left around those teeny, tiny spell icons?” Jagex asked. “If so, this update will be an absolute game changer. By enabling Spell Filtering and navigating to the Spell Filters menu, you’ll be able to select a new option that will resize your icons.”

On top of spell icon resizing, this week’s update to the immensely popular MMO includes an QOL improvement to magic secateurs, better birdhouses, a more useful rune pouch, and an increase in the quantity of Cave Nightshade for the purposes of making toxic explosives.

Old School RuneScape will be celebrating its 10th birthday next week with “some seriously silly rewards up for grabs.”

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