World of Warcraft’s February Trading Post is all about having a lovely time of love

Love and further, additional love.

It’s February, and as far as World of Warcraft’s Trading Post is concerned, that means it’s time for an entire month of love. This month’s bonus reward for clearing your log is the Love Witch Attire, and it’s all about spreading love all over the world. But it’s hardly alone. There’s love to be had in the form of a new love-themed flying fox mount. A lovely set of love-oriented weapons. So much love that you would think the people who habitually get angry at anything other than open PvP might have the slightest fragment of a point when they say that it’s about war, not love.

If you get tired of all the love, you can also take joy in the fact that two new rewards are available super-cheap this month, one to turn you into a mannequin and one being the old two-player rocket mount available via recruit-a-friend ages ago. There’s also a bonus 500 Tender available because of the Trading Post’s one-year anniversary. The designers clearly hope you will love that. (Get it? Love puns.)

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