Shit-stirring happens: DayZ and Icarus offer survival fans discount in cheeky ‘The Day After’ deal


Considering Fntastic’s week of self-inflicted woes, we can’t really blame the marketing departments of Bohemia Interactive and Rocketwerkz for taking advantage of the situation, as both companies are using the fall of the ill-fated shooter The Day Before as a reason to offer a smirk-laden The Day After Survival Sale bundle.

This package offers up survival sandbox titles DayZ and Icarus in one package for 33% off, making the normally $80 pair of games roughly $54 from now until December 21st.

Those who have been following Rocketwerkz on Twitter may not be surprised by this lancing of The Day Before, considering that the Twitter accounts of studio chief executive Dean Hall and DayZ both used Fntastic’s letter promising that the game wasn’t a scam as a template to post some memes – even Facepunch Studios’ Rust got in on the act.

Unlike TDB, which turned out to be an extraction shooter instead of a survival MMO, both DayZ and Icarus are actual survival titles; our own MJ even took a peek at the latter during a recent stream, so if you’re curious you can watch it below.

sources: Steam, Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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