Ahead of launch, Fntastic tells players The Day Before is not a scam or an asset flip


Many players have cast a wide assortment of aspersions against developer Fntastic and its upcoming survival shooter The Day Before, particularly in light of the red flag-filled lead-up to its early access launch on Thursday, December 7th. Chief among the presumptions from gamers are that the MMO is either some elaborate scam or is an asset flip title with barely any design effort. Those accusations are evidently not lost on the studio, which posted a statement on Twitter that tries to push back against the allegations.

“To a person who didn’t believe in us: We made this game for you too,” opens part of the letter, which apologizes for “not doing the best marketing and teasers,” accepts that criticism will come, and then goes on to defend itself against some of the more popular presumptions:

“Please don’t accuse us of scamming; that’s not true. We didn’t take a penny from anyone. Please don’t accuse us of asset flip; that’s not true also. Our team worked day and night for five years to make our dream game a reality.”

The rest of the statement thanks those who are supporting the shooter, wishes streamers of the game well, and thanks volunteers who helped to make TDB happen. “To our future player […] we made this game for you,” it reads. “Together, we will continue improving the game and adding content.”

source: Twitter
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