Global Chat: Why does CCP keep trying to make EVE shooters?

You only remember these people when someone dies.

We’re not the only ones who keep wondering why CCP continues to push for an FPS game set in the EVE Online universe. Long-time EVE player The Nosy Gamer listed several plausible explanations as to why this is the case.

“Just as Elite Dangerous did with its Odyssey expansion, I believe CCP sees having some sort of avatar play in its game as a requirement to compete with Star Citizen when it finally reaches a point the developers announce the final server wipe. CCP still has a few years before that happens.”

The Lazy Goldmaker pontificated on the best professions to make money in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, saying, “Bags are the main draw here. The main limitation early on will be the cloth we can farm. You can in theory get your profession to 225 at level 20, but whether we get the materials is another question. Bags are a staple goldmaking item, and make tailoring a good choice throughout.”

Priest with a Cause is having a blast in Season of Discovery: “My first day of playing Season of Mastery has been absolutely delightful. The combination of the familiar with strange new things that nobody knows what to do with is definitely a winner.”

Laurel’s LOTRO Den shared some items that produce specific visual effects: “In LOTRO there are a handful of items, both cosmetic and gear, that when equipped or used produce what I labeled ‘special effect’ around your character (or even around another character!). So here’s a list of the ones I know of and how to use them.”

Yeebo Fernbottom said that Cataclysm Classic is a deal-breaker for engagement: “It’s certainly not because I hated Cataclysm. In fact Cataclysm was probably when I got most heavily invested in WoW overall. It’s literally the only time I managed to hit the cap and not bounce.”

It helps that this game has never looked good. I'm sorry, but not really sorry. If you love this game, you're going to need to reckon with this at some point. But that's another article.

Inventory Full got a bit of time in with EverQuest II’s new expansion: “I would say that my experience last night was probably the best-directed, least confusing introduction to an expansion I can remember for many years. The expansion takes place in the Overrealm, the skybound setting of EQII‘s second expansion, Kingdom of Sky, perhaps not he most obviously accessible location for anyone who hasn’t played for a while.”

Heartless Gamer wants Amazon to rethink New World’s progression: “The new progression system is friendlier players and eliminates many barriers to end game items.  However, I can’t help but feel like much of the end game loop is made pointless by how it works and there was an opportunity to better design the progression path.”

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