Massively-on-the-Go: Gotta cash’em all in Pokemon Go

In the last few editions of the Massively-on-the-Go column, I've been covering the deluge of events and updates Pokemon Go has...

Pokemon Sword and Shield teases dungeons, Pokemon Go will finally connect to Home

Today's Pokemon Direct had some surprising news for franchise fans. First, the second  Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, The Crown Tundra, is...

SMITE introduces new character skins from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

It appears that the developers of SMITE are continuing to reach into the well of fiction for additions to the game. Starting in...

There’s a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean chair available now because why not

The world is so weird right now that the new MapleStory promotion almost feels like it's perfectly normal. You can buy a limited-edition...

Roblox gets timey-wimey with Doctor Who cross-promo

I'm not actually sure how much overlap between the audiences of Roblox and Doctor Who fandom there really is, but maybe that's the...

The Daily Grind: How do you feel about MMO cross-promotions?

Whether it's sanctioned or not, the tradition of MMOs taking any opportunity to draw upon the popularity of other entertainment mediums has been around...

Monster Hunter World preps November Resident Evil collab, counts 14M sales

If you twist them enough, the parallels between single-player zombie horror series Resident Evil and multiplayer action RPG Monster Hunter: World can be...

Pokemon Go preps World Tourism Day event as players report spawn changes

Did you know that World Tourism Day is this Friday, September 27th? Neither did I until I found out from the United Nations...

Today in bizarre gaming promos: Roblox and the NFL, Overwatch and Cheez-Its

Step aside, bubble tea and video game candles: We've got new weird cross promotions for you today. First, Roblox announced a partnership with...
Time to poke on home.

Massively on the Go: The Pokemon Let’s Go-Go Connection

Yes, we're going to talk about Pokemon Let's Go Eevee (or you can pretend its Pikachu if you just want to experience Pokemon Yellow again)....

Earn a new mount in TERA by leveling a new character in Kritika Online

There are, presumably, more people enjoying TERA right now than enjoying Kritika Online. That's sort of to be expected; the former is...
If you don't like any of this, well... keep doing whatever, I guess.

Razer partners up with Neverwinter for cross-promotional rewards

Do you like Razer products? Do you like playing Neverwinter? Do you eat beans with George Wendt? If you answered yes to...
Hire me.

Final Fantasy XIV makes a surprise appearance at WWE’s Wrestlemania

Professional wrestling is weird. Frequently, that means that it's weirdly awesome, but it's still weird. Case in point, you probably would not have expected...
Weird dog.

Final Fantasy XI plans several events for XI Day

XI Day is almost upon us. What's XI Day? Well, it's November 11th, which has been designated as a special day for Final...
Stormy stormy storm-storm.

Final Fantasy XIV offers cross-promotional deal with Amazon

Do you urgently need another fat chocobo in your Final Fantasy XIV mount collection? Do the revelations at E3 put you in the...
Holy elves, Elfman!

Hearthstone offers a new hero for World of Warcraft players

Odds are pretty good that if you already play World of Warcraft, you have probably taken Hearthstone for a spin. The game...

E3 2015: Previewing Wargaming’s Master of Orion reboot

As you've all heard by now, MMO giant Wargaming announced a reboot of the classic game Master of Orion during this year's E3....
I'd rather have the mount, honestly.

World of Warcraft and Hearthstone get Heroes of the Storm cross-promotion items

Do you have any desire to play the newly launched Heroes of the Storm yet? What if we told you that you could get...